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The aim of the championship
The energy consumed by buildings during operation is extremely high, and over half of carbon dioxide emitted by buildings in their lifetime occur during the operation stage. On the other hand, as buildings are manmade, comparison of the quality of operation of different buildings is difficult.
Therefore, in this championship, we will develop an extremely realistic building simulation model (hereinafter referred to as "emulator") and try to quantitatively evaluate the optimization skill of the participants competing for optimization of operation of the emulator. In other words, the purpose of this championship is to decide
the No. 1 in building optimization skill
Name: The second World Championship in Cybernetic Building Optimization (WCCBO2)
Holding date: October 1 to November 1, 2024
Organizer: IBPSA (International Building Performance Simulation Association), Japan Regional Affiliate

Cooperating organization:
The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan:
Subcommittee on testing methods for building optimization with building emulators
Registration: Please register for the WCCBO2.
Flier: The A4 size flyer of an overview of the championship. (Download)
Regulations: The document summarizes the rules of the championship. (Download)
Source code: Source code for the VRF emulator used in the championship. (Link)
Compiled executable: The executable file of the VRF emulator used in the championship. (Link)
Reference: The reference manual of the VRF emulator used in the championship. (Link)
Paper: The paper of the VRF emulator published in the "Journal of Building Performance Simulation".
Libraries: A library for developing programs to operate the emulator. (python or .NET)
Score (Under test operation)
Update team name: The form used to change team name. (Link)
Submit: The form used to submit the new calculation result. (Link)
All data: List of submitted calculation results. (Link)
Ranking: The rank of the top data of the submitted calculation results. (Link)
Introduction and Tutorial Videos

Previous Championships
Web: The archive of the last championship held in 2019. (Link)
Paper: The paper of the results of the last championship. ( Journal of BPS)
mail to : togashi@g.kogakuin.jp
Eisuke Togashi, Kogakuin University